RIC Denmark is a family owned and run production and whole-sale company. Our speciality is kitchen and bath textiles of highest quality. Through three decades, we have put effort and honor in making our products in a large variety of colours and the best quality. Today, most of our products - like the famous dishcloth - is available in more than 80 different colours. We use only the best materials and carefully dye the textiles such that the colours last wash after wash.
All of our textiles are 100% cotton and we mean that literally: Also the threads we use in the sewing is cotton. Many other dishcloths and towels on the market may be cotton in the fabric but the sewing is not. Therefore they do not - as our products - keep the shape after washing. We use only the best cotton fabrics of which most of them are today ecological. The dye process is carefully done by hand in such a way that all wasted water is free of any chemicals. Contrary to many other textiles, our products do not have any toxic surface treatments. Our products are thus ready to use and free of unnecessary chemicals - and we thus protect the environment and ground water. We think that is only natural.
It all began in the 1970s when we dyed baby cloths and a dishcloth accidentally was dyed too. We constantly strive towards improving our product line. Thus, we have been in front with many innovations and trends - while still being true to the original products, including the classical dishcloth. RIC Denmark is a product series with tradition and history.
Our dishcloths, towels, etc. are all cotton products. None of our products are based on micro fibers. Therefore you can easily use them for any cleaning or polishing - even of old furniture of wood. Today, the downside of micro fiber products is known. More and more manufactorers of furniture have disclaimers in their guarantee declarations concerning the use of micro fiber cloths. An then such micro fiber cloths do not even absorb water very well. We recommend to keep your kitchen and bath equiped only with pure cotton products. They last longer and do the job better.